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Monday, February 15, 2010 Posted by nitesh

Written by Subbu - Socrates Coordinator

Last week Mr Pavan Kota (CEO Kinduz consulting) took a session on application of concepts of six sigma in Business Consulting.

The session started with the challenges the organizations in Business Consulting face due to
•The number of unknowns in the assignment
•The number of senior people you interact and work with
•Expectation from the assignment –something that in-house employees cannot achieve

The session helped the aspiring consultants to understand that while the pressure and the challenge is high, Business Consulting can be successfully implemented with the help of:
•Common Sense
•Simple Tools and Techniques
•A Scientific Methodology

And then followed the Cases which B-School students are encountered with but the difference came in the way we approached the solutions to those cases. The session helped us to identify the problem statement the case is trying to address through several visible symptoms all pointing to the underlying cause.

We were also explained the underlying Principle used in solving those kinds of cases was SIX SIGMA approach which the Company had used. Also the way in which each & every principle was applied to the case in question was described which explained.

six sigma approach to problem solving:


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