Random thought #1: Tuesdays with Morrie

Recently I saw this great movie "Tuesdays with Morrie"...
Awesome.. Made me to think and rethink..after a looong time:):)

"What's the wrong in being No.2?"...thought provoking one liner!!!
How many of us including me aspire to be at the top all the time..Is that place really worthy of it???

What's the point in winning the race if you do not enjoy racing?
What's the point in education, if it doesn't make a human more humane?

World is a very big place..(for God's sake its not just market). Why should everyone play a zero-sum game?.
We spoke so much on Sensex and Nikkei but not on Haiti.. When is the last time we left the GD mentality and really listened..
Where are we erring or is it all my invalid assumptions?..

I am no monk and I am an MBA :) so...I have no answers.


  1. nitesh said...

    we all have grown up with the learning of if u dream for big only than u can succeed
    i.e dream for 1 u may land up in number 2
    and do u remember who was the second man on the moon/area 51 ? no

    but ya we need to use the right part of brain, we mostly use the left part in mba

  2. Guna said...

    He didn't compete wit anyone to land first:)
    Winning is very important but that's not necessarily everything in life..
    Of course..U got to win in the competition..I agree..My point is life is not competition..:):)

  3. MawkishMads said...

    Well I have read the book and just starting with the movie now..
    The book is immensely gripping. The glass prism through which Morrie sees all those dilemmas of Mitch is not only thought provoking but also inspiring. It leaves the readers wanting more. Besides the perspective taken is totally practical which makes it all the more appreciating.

    People into reading, do read the book!!

  4. blog said...

    I reckon it was one of the most enlightening movies I have even seen...
    And about no 1 discussion I think if we look our lives from the broader prospective, there is no number 1 or for that matter any rankings..wat matters is whether u r happy with ur life or not....and thats what precisely Morrie has communicated to the world.

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