My first Holi-day

Tuesday, March 02, 2010 Posted by Amit Chawla

[Original Version @ Reproduced on March 1, 2010]

I've never played Holi in the last 25 years of my existence. Here's how it changed today.

0500 - Went to sleep after finishing AOE.

1000 - Loud Music from Buffy's giant speaker wakes me up. Try to sleep again, curse Buffy - but still can't sleep.

1010 - Never take advice from Singh Saab on such important issues. I was scared to go down and have breakfast. But he convinced me that nobody other than Buffy is playing Holi downstairs.

1015 - I go down in the lift. Sneak till the mess door. But that was the farthest i could go. Manjari smears tons of color on me. After exhausting all color that she had, gives me a saintly advice to remove my spectacles. Then IMF Prez takes charge. Insures that his rival Prez has eaten more color than his breakfast.

1020 - Forget Breakfast. Its time for revenge. I ready myself for counter attack. Apply an insane amount of oil, and jump in to the battlefield.

1025 - Now outside. These people haven't left a square cm of my original skin color. I'm looking like every one else now. Multi-colored.

From then onwards, i allow nobody to look less colored than me. Later, we launch an attack on seniors. They start tearing each others clothes. We pick up the tradition quickly. Within 20 mins, all guys are topless. Then, after a photo session and dancing, we decide to call it a day.

1300 - The longest bath of my life starts. All different color blends come out each time i pour a bucket.

1400 - No food inside or in vicinity of campus. We embark on a long trek to search for food. With me are Singh Saab, IMF Prez, Stallion, Koshish Tiwari and Papa Ghosh. What aggravates the problem is lack of ricks and buses. We walk till Mezbaan - closed. Move on towards IIT - Nothing. Finally we spot a bus, and fortunately its going to Saket

1500 - So, we reached Saket in 1 hr. At least McD's didn't disappoint us. We ate like famished beings. Found ricks on our way back. And happily slept from 1600 - 1830.

1830 - Made calls to all friends and family. Over in 30 mins.

1900 - The search for food continues. I must add, we always happen to eat at the most unexpected places for the sake of food variety. Now, me and I-Prez don't maind wandering around. The third person always pays the price for our adventurous journeys. This time it was Papa Ghosh.

2000 - Instant shortage of ricks again. Even JNU is closed. On top of it, we got lost in the vast campus. Finally came out after walking 4 kms. But, Mezbaan was directly opposite to the gate and it was open. But, a huge waiting line outside.

2030 - Papa Ghosh has had enough. We are now at Al Kauser, Munirka. But there are no waiters to take our order. Prez tries to exert his influence on the manager but he refuses to budge citing staff shortage. Papa Ghosh decides never to come back here again.

2130 - We are done with the food now. It was quite delicious for our hungry souls. Papa Ghosh has cooled down. He may come here again. We get into another rick. Old songs playing. And the gentle breeze. Enough adventure for the day.

2200 - Suri calls for TT. Even Doctor has started playing, it seems. Skipped the CB group meeting to play.

0000 - Just finishing the blog. One of the best days in IIFT. Back to work.


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