My 2 cents on union budget

Thursday, March 24, 2011 Posted by Bhushan Bapat

Author of the Post: Kumar Raunak
Batch : 2010-12

It has to be a magnum opus budget
We need some big ticket reforms
Divest hindustan machine tools, bsnl,mtnl, RBI,IIFT,clearing corporation of India and use the proceed to bring down fiscal deficit to 3% and revenue deficit to nil.
Initiate a system of direct cash transfer for cabinet ministers so that they do not have to wring their heads to siphon off money(read 2g scam)
Bring down the transaction cost of stashing away your money abroad by actually allowing banks like swiss bank to open a dedicated branch for this in India itself.
Along with 100%FDI in multi brand retail allow 100% FDI in politics so that eminent personalities like sarah palin, berlusconi, etc can launch their own parties and bring about a tectonic shift on the indian political landscape.
Single window clearance for all turnkey infrastructural projects like mayawati's statue.
Signing of free trade agreements with chad,mali, niger, afghanistan etc because in this case as is taught in the IE class the dead weight loss to the society would be less.


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