IIFT to Launch Foreign Trade Institute in Kampala

Wednesday, June 01, 2011 Posted by Bhushan Bapat

In one of the first forays by a government institute into the multi-billion dollar foreign education market,the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) will set up its first overseas campus in Kampala,Uganda.The business education and foreign trade institute will partner with Uganda Management Institute to set up the India-Africa Institute of Foreign Trade (IAIFT).It will be one of the 19 educational institutions that India will help establish in Africa following the 2008 India-Africa Forum Summit.Africa needs a lot of capacity building,especially for managing foreign trade, said KT Chacko,Director IIFT.The Indian institute will provide faculty and will train local teaching staff as a new campus is built by the Ugandan government.Short-term courses and training classes will begin by November this year.Pune University was the first government-run educational institute to set up an international campus,in the United Arab Emirates.However,private-sector players such as Manipal Group have set up a number of foreign campuses across locations such as Dubai,the Caribbean and in Kuala Lumpur over the last two decades.International ventures together contribute almost 60% to the total revenue, said Anand Sudarshan,CEO,Manipal.We are looking to expand in Africa but have not finalised on a location or a partner, he added.Manipal Educations revenue is expected to be $250 million in the coming fiscal.Even private vocational and skills training enterprises are eyeing the global education market.In February this year,Global Talent Track (GTT),which makes students corporateready through additional career-focused training,launched a training centre in Shanghai.The Intel Capital and Helion Venture funded company,which was set up in 2008,has centres in Malaysia as well.

PS: The article was published in TOI. dated 31/05/2011 by RADHIKA P NAIR, BANGALORE 

Here is the Link http://lite.epaper.timesofindia.com/getpage.aspx?articles=yes&pageid=7&max=true&articleid=Ar00702&sectid=5edid=&edlabel=ETBG&mydateHid=31-05-2011&pubname=Economic+Times+-+Bangalore+-+Corporate&title=IIFT+to+Launch+Foreign+Trade+Institute+in+Kampala&edname=&publabel=ET, it opens when u r logged in the e-paper.


  1. rg said...

    I, a Prof. of IIFT, landed up at this article from a tweet from http://twitter.com/#!/IIFT_MBA

    Good to see such developments being streamlined systematically. However, I am not sure who is the author of this piece. The link of the tweet took me to TOIN e-paper registration page, and not to the article. Here I see the article posted by Bhushan Bapat. Does it also mean Bhushan Bapat is the author of the article, and even the owner (or copyright holder)?

    My only suggestion is, in case the article has been taken from TOIN e-paper, that acknowledgement/link must be provided somewhere (bottom) of article.

    Otherwise there may be problem. I would love to believe students/whoever managing the site are smart enough and do follow such practices inherently, however, just to be cautious - I felt I should share this apprehansion to this platform.

    Best wishes, and good luck,


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