1st day at IIFT

Monday, July 04, 2011 Posted by Pratheesh

Author: Akshay Gupta (2011-2013 batch)

Here came 1st July 2011, my 1st day at IIFT, Delhi. With great expectations and hopes in my mind and with enormous energy I entered the campus of IIFT, Delhi the “IIFT Bhawan” located in the greens of the Aravallis.

The moment I entered the place I fell in love with this place all over again.. No this by no means is my second stint at IIFT..:), but because it reminded me of my school life.. I am not getting emotional by any chance, but I say so as it reminded of the greens of the Aravallis as it’s just a stones throw away distance from IIFT.

The day as it should start in any Indian B-School with the lightning of the knowledge lamp and an address by the honorable director of the institute, followed by load of people from the program director to the faculty, the students body president and so on.. Every minute that was passing by was making us realize the kind of effort and focus this course required from each one of us and it started to give me the feel of being an IIFTian and yes I felt it.. I am an IIFT 2011-13 batch student..!!!

It was on the first day that I got a chance to interact with each and every one of my batch mates, I found a lot many people who from the first look seemed to be fun loving and as cheerful and on the other hand there were few who from there first look had started to scare the hell out of me.. and these people were those extremely serious kind of people.. with loads of knowledge on their head and who made me realize on the very instance about where I am and what I have for competition…:(.

The highlight of the day started at 6.00Pm when the 2010-12 batch seniors started to pour into the auditorium. These were those guys who had been with us all throughout the GDPI and the selection process, hats off to these guys… I knew at the back of my mind that now the real “Fun” is going to start.. yes this was the IIFT flagship PDP sessions, the sessions which would give me a hang of the “B-School culture”, the culture of sleepless nights, of working in groups, the feeling of “loving” your blazers and tie at 45 *Celsius temp.. and it was indeed as I had expected..:( .

The first day gave me a hang of what I will be experiencing in these 2 years of my life. The rocked totally, it drained all the energy out of me that I had been saving for so long.. But, still I was liking.. As that’s the way it happens at IIFT.. Go IIFT go….!!!


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