Tribute to Steve Jobs

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Posted by Anil Kumar Kolla

Though I had never owned an Apple product, I am a member of its huge fan base. Its indeed a sad news to learn that the one person who has revolutionized the way we thought of electronics, particularly music players and mobile phones - Steve Jobs - is no more alive.
What made Steve special and unique was his ability to marry art and science, and his vision about changing the way people used technology. A person who has transformed the electronics industry, and was loved by his competitors because he had introduced many new unchartered product categories and created a huge market in those categories.
Though a technologist, Steve is not an engineer and probably that was one of his strength. He had always thought of the providing new, unique and rewarding experiences to customers and it was the duty of the Apple engineers to meet his demands, and thus kept him focused about his new products and adding newer and unique features to them.
Thank You Steve for your words 'Stay Hungry Stay Foolish', they have had such a deep impact on me, they constantly keep me motivating to become a successful entrepreneur! R.I.P Steve !!


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