Less than a week to go for Quo Vadis 2011...

Saturday, November 12, 2011 Posted by Bibaswan Banerjee

One of the biggest management and cultural festivals in the Indian b-school scene, Quo Vadis will go live on 18th November, 2011 at the IIFT campus in New Delhi. The preliminary rounds for the various competitions are already happening and teams/individuals from the top b-schools in the country are fighting it out online. Keep a close watch on www.iift-quovadis.com to stay informed about deadlines and all the latest news related to Quo Vadis.

All events are listed on Dare2Compete as well. Prizes worth Rs. 15 lakhs and a chance to compete with participants from the best b-schools in India and abroad: that is what is at stake. Don't miss the opportunity.


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