Budgets and the BSE

Thursday, February 25, 2010 Posted by Magesh Kumar

heya buddies,

with one budget already having been announced, and another just poking its head round the corner, we are in for some sparks in Dalal Street.

How about initiating a discussion among ourselves about the various sectors/stocks that are set to make or take money for/from the Indian investors?

Many of us are investors ourselves, and it would be good fun to put to use our FM and SAPM knowledge and predict the betas and gammas and correlation and co-variances that is gonna be kindled by the Union and Railway budgets.

Inviting your opinions/predictions/forecasts on the road ahead for BSE and NSE w.r.t. the budget impact, from all the finance enthusiasts, equity researchers, CFAs of IIFT.

I for my part believe the cement sector is gonna be the best best for the upcoming fiscal, and is gonna repeat its sunshine performance of the last 2 years. We may expect a modest growth of 6-8% (anything but modest, ain't it?). ACC, Gujarat Ambuja and India Cements look pretty attractive to me. And for those who wanna play safe and earn modest returns (this time i really mean modest), "mid-cap" is the mantra.

Your views and predictions guys?



  1. Magesh Kumar said...

    btw, i forgot to mention our esteemed banking sector. what with the already strong momentum going on due to the successful defense of the economic slowdown, and increasing business, the banking sector looks extremely juicy. i don't mind betting for HDFC bank and SBI.....


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