Roll No.82 zzzzzzzz......

Saturday, February 20, 2010 Posted by Guessthatsforyou

In the class, I tumble in a freefall
Early starter profs, unwelcomed by all
Last row being the professors screwball
Under the hawks watch, I scratch my eyeballs

I don’t wanna be here, an oddball
Why am I here,I try to recall
A New Perspective I suppose, free thoughts are my Be all
Fools, he thinks, you are just some slimeball

There are ways to make your presence felt in the hall
Whether you are large or small
Be invisible in transparent overall
Or Wait your turn, an intelligent outfall

Sweets, it seems, I am new to this ball
Stall your thoughts, the rules here stand tall
The 2 years,how it goes is no longer your call
Sit Up!! time for another ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. sauravtibrewal said...

    Very Well written..

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