Tuesday, August 03, 2010 Posted by sauravtibrewal

Dear All,

It has been our pleasure to announce that Cashonova 2010 has launched an equity research cell recently.

Equity Research Cell is a body of all like minded people, who are interested in Finance, especially equity research and valuation.


1. The main objective of Equity research Cell is peer learning. Our first step will be to learn valuation and equity research from scratch. Then, we will expand ourselves to other areas which will be discussed later.

2. To prepare the 2009-11 batch for the final interviews.

3. To leverage this concept to target more finance companies in the medium to long run.


1. We will be discussing the valuation techniques discussed in D and B workshop and the book by A.Damodaran.

2. Appling those techniques to some companies and coming out with valuation figures.

3. Any other discussions which the members feel are relevant.

The cell currently has 25 members and we hope this would certainly make a difference to our b school.

Thanks and Regards,

Team Cashonova

Jeevan Raju
Karthik Krishnan
Saurav Tibrewal


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