Tezi Mandi II

Saturday, August 07, 2010 Posted by Bhushan Bapat

How it Works

Trade in stocks in Nifty
Buy/Sell will be allowed between 5 pm – 9 am
All share prices will have to be traded at the closing NSE prices of the day
Only cash prices will be taken
Mail your trades
Excel sheet will be forwarded shortly, just fill it and send it
All will be given a fixed amount of
notional money and brokerage charges will apply


Knowledge enhancement. It will instigate us to read finance and make an effort to understand it
Winner will get a prize money of Rs. 1000 and runners up Rs.500
It will help in trading in stocks in the real world
Applications of classroom learning in a practical way

If you are INTERESTED, please drop in a mail to tezimandi.iift@gmail.com
The game will start from the next Monday 9th August and continue till Friday 14th August
For any clarifications, please write to the above mentioned address

Ankur M. Dhebri (+91-9910847901) amdhebri@gmail.com
Saurav Tibrewal (+91-9311580251) sauravtibrewal@gmail.com


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